Latest Amazon Prime Cookies 15 June Hourly Updated [100% Working ]

Hey are you looking for Amazon prime Cookies!

Don’t worry about it. In this article we are providing you latest 15th June updated Amazon Prime Cookies.

So without wasting more time let’s talk about this article.

This is a detailed article with some theory and practical knowledge. A little bit of reading, will helps you to get Amazon Prime Cookies. And it also instructs how use Amazon Prime Cookies.

In this article we have shared latest 15th June updated Amazon Prime Account Cookies through which you are able to use Amazon Prime Video without paying any cost.

So don’t worry if your Amazon Prime subscription is over and you don’t want to invest money to renew your subscription. By using these cookies you are able to use Amazon Prime video free.

Note : If you are already using Amazon Prime Cookies and know how to use it then you don’t need to read this full article. Directly scroll down to get Amazon Prime video cookies.

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Now let’s talk about cookies

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of information which is stored in your browser when you visit any site. This cookies stores information about you like you login credentials, The main work of Cookies is to identify visited users and save their login details.

And when you visit those already visited sites then your browser cookies sends data to the website that this visited user is already visited before and these cookies can automatically logged you in to the website from there stored data.

We are also using this technique to use Amazon Prime. When you can use these cookies and visit Amazon Prime’s website then your cookies sends information to Amazon Prime Video site that you are already visited and logged in. Amazon Prime website accepts you as already visited user and you are able to use Amazon Prime.

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now let’s talk about Amazon Prime

What Is Amazon Prime?

Between 6-7 years ago when there is no smartphone people want to go in cinema halls to watch movies but now in the modern world the seen is completely changed now people doesn’t want to go to cinema hall due to their busy schedule.

For this solution different companies have invested money to create their online streaming apk in which can provide Tv shows, Movies, Webseries, Comedy Shows etc and charge from users for their service. This method of providing any content any time is called content on demand.

Amazon Prime is also a online streaming apk which is based on content on demand service. Amazon prime was launched in year 2016. This online streaming apk also provides Tv shows, Movies, Webseries etc.

There are many competitors of Amazon Prime like Netflix, Voot, Disney Plus hotstar etc. The main compitition of Amazon Prime is with Netflix.

Now in today’s date Amazon Prime has more than 100 million + active installs. And it’s competitor Netflix has 500 million + active installs globally. Now you can understand the craze of Netflix and Amazon Prime video.

But for using the service of Amazon Prime Video you have to buy its premium membership which costs around $12.99/month or $119/year. Which is too much for students.

That’s why we are providing you latest Amazing Prime Cookies Through Which you can access the Amazon Prime membership free of cost.

Note : The cookies we we are providing are 101% working.

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let’s learn more about Amazon Prime Cookies

What Are Amazon Prime Cookies

Now I am going to tell you about Amazon prime cookies

Although we have discussed about cookies, still you should know some more information about Amazon Prime Video Cookies.

Amazon Prime Cookies contains some data these data are stored by Amazon Prime Video’s official website to the users browser.

This data contains information about the logged in user. The user is also able to import or export his cookies from your browser.

There is just one thing you should know about  Amazon Prime Cookies. The cookies are not permanent. These cookies are temporarily stored in user’s browser and it expires or stops working after 24 hours so you have to update cookies after every 24 hours and you will get new cookies from our website.

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Features Of Amazon Prime Video Cookies

There are many features of Amazon Prime Video Cookies. Now we are going to tell you all the important features of Amazon Prime video cookies one by one now let’s start.

Cookies are Free to use : If you are a existing user of a Amazon Prime video then you are able to understand the problem of amount it changes too much if you can buy Amazon Prime subscription for 1 month then you have to pay $12.99/month which is a big amount for students. but they charges right because in making a movie or web series they have to invest crores of rupees.

But if you use our Amazon Prime Cookies you then you don’t have to pay a single rupee it is totally free.

Easy to use : The cookies for Amazon prime video are very easy to use. By following this detailed article a child of 5 year can learn how to use Amazon Prime Video Cookies in pc or smartphone.

Safe to use : if you think that are Amazon Prime Cookies safe or not don’t worry we will explain you about it.

The answer is yes they are 100% safe and working. But you don’t have to download from anywhere always Download anything from a safe and trusted website like us.

Lifetime free access : you can enjoy Amazon Prime Video for lifetime buy using its cookies but you have to update it on every 24 hours. To update your cookies come back to our website we will definitely update cookies every hour.

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Download Amazon Prime Video Cookies

How to Use Amazon Prime Cookies on Windows PC

In the previous article of Netflix cookies we are able to use cookies using EditThisCookie extension but when I try to use amazon prime cookies with this extension it didn’t work so we are using J2Team cookies extension for this.

step 1 : In the first step you have to open your Chrome browser.

Step 2 : And search on google for J2Team cookies extension

Amazon Prime Cookies

step 3 : open the first link of Chrome Web Store and click on add to Chrome button >> Add extension

Step 4 : Now go to Amazon Prime’s official Website and click on the J2Team cookies extension.

Step 5 : paste the copied code in the password box. And click on import button.

Amazon prime video cookies

How to Use Amazon Prime Video Cookies on Android

To use Amazon Prime cookies on mobile you have to install kiwi browser in your phone.This kiwi browser allows uses to add Chrome extension in there browser.

Note : we are using EditThisCookie Chrome extension in kiwi to use Amazon Prime Cookies On Android

step 1 : search on kiwi browser for EditThisCookie Chrome extension

EditThisCookie Chrome extension

step 2 : open the link of Chrome Web Store and click on add to Chrome button >> It will ask you Add EditThisCookie to kiwi. Click on ok button

step 3 : go to Amazon Prime official Website and click on the EditThisCookie icon present in the three dots.

Step 4 : Now click on the import icon and shown on the screenshot below

Amazon Prime Video Cookies

Step 5 : paste the Download cookies in it and click in the tick button and refresh the Amazon prime video website. Now you are able to use amazon prime.

Amazon prime Cookies

How To Use Amazon Prime Video Cookies

The use of Amazon Prime Video Cookies are very easy. First you have to download cookies from our site and you have to install J2Team cookies extension in your Chrome browser. After that you have to open Amazon Prime Video website and click on the J2Team cookies icon and paste the Download cookies in the extension and click on import button. You are able to use amazon prime cookies.

How To Use Amazon Prime Cookies On Android

To use amazon prime video cookies on mobile you have to install kiwi browser in your phone.This kiwi browser allows uses to add Chrome extension in there browser. And paste the Download cookies in the extension after that you are able to use Amazon Prime video.

How To Get Free Amazon Prime Video Cookies

To get Amazon prime video cookies you have to visit our site. We are hourly updating our cookies so you can use our cookies without wating for updates.

Are Amazon Prime Video Cookies Free To Use ?

offcourse Amazon Prime Video cookies are free to use. You just have to visit our website in which we have provided Amazon Prime premium account cookies that are regularly updated and 100% working

Is it a legal way of using Netflix?

If said Truly it is not fully legal way but it is not also illegal to share cookies because it doesn’t break any law. But think that you have buyed Netflix account and other users getting it free of cost. But it is not fully legal.

Can I change the password of these free Netflix accounts?

No never if you tried this then the official account user can change there password and you will be blocked by Amazon Prime Video. So never try to change password of any account

Can I get a personal Netflix account?

No you will not get any person account because it is not possible to share accounts with all users. But you don’t need account you can simply use cookies instead of account

Is It Safe To Use Amazon Prime Cookies?

The answer is yes the cookies are 100% safe and working. But don’t have to download from anywhere always Download anything from a safe and trusted website like us.

Note : If you are owner of the published content and you want to remove the published content due to copyright infringement or any other reason then contact us at : [email protected] we will quickly remove the published content.


This is a detailed article about Amazon prime video Cookies which helps you to access Amazon Prime Video without spending a single rupee . Now download and use cookies in your device and enjoy your favorite movies, webseries, Tv shows etc. with all features unlocked and share your experience with us in our comment box

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