Pubg Mobile Hack For Latest Version 0.8.0 100% Working [Wall hack, colour hack, Aimbot, Antiban]

Want to get pubg mobile hack for latest version 0.8.0 ?

Yeah! It’s possible to hack pubg Mobile without getting ban. This is a detailed guide with some theory and practical knowledge which helps you to get pubg mobile hack.

So, without further delay, let’s learn how to get pubg Mobile hack

There are some things you should know before you start the process of hacking pubg mobile

  • Never use your main I’d while hacking the game
  • Always use hack on a guest I’d or a fake Facebook id
  • All types of hack are provided but never use these hacks : wall shoot, 100% no Recoil, Fly car, high jump because the other players can easily detect that you are using hacks and if they report your account will be banned.

Note : don’t blame us if your account is banned. We are not responsible for anything happened with your account that’s why we are telling you to use hacks on guest ID.

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What is pubg mobile hack

pubg mobile hack files are developed by team lua these files can change pubg mobile official files which we are able to hack the game. The hacking process of pubg mobile is very simple we will discuss it later in this article.

pubg mobile hack files contents

Game Guardian : Game Guardian is used to run the hackscript provided by lua. This app runs the script through which we are able to choose any hack like Aimbot, colour hack, wallhack etc

Virtual Space : To run hacks on pubg mobile we have to clone pubg mobile in virtual space like how we clone what’s app in parallel space. We never have to run hacks directly we always have to use virtual space.

Bypass App : This app is used to bypass (encrypt) the connection due to which the pubg mobile couldn’t be able to detect that we are hacking. This app uses bypass script to encrypt the connection.

Hacking Script : This script is used by Game Guardian to hack the game. This file contains some special coding which is coded by team lua.

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Pubg mobile hack
Pubg mobile hack

Features of Pubg mobile hack

Now I am going to tell about all the features of Pubg mobile hack one by one and with detailed explanation which help you to better understand about hacks and how to hack.

Wall hack

Wall hack : This hack is used to see the enemies who are hidden inside Houses or any wall. By using this hack you can easily detect there location and kill them. If you are a rank pusher then you need to use this hack.

Pubg mobile hack
Pubg mobile hack

Colour Hack

Colour hack : sometime it is difficult to find enemy in grass or any vehicles this hack can change the the colour of enemy, cars, grass due to which it becomes very easy to detect detect the location of enemy.

Pubg mobile hack
Pubg mobile hack


Aimbot : Sometimes it is very different to shoot enemy due we are not able to kill the enemy at right time and lost the game. This is very special hack using this hack can help you to kill the enemy. If you use this hack then your aim will automatically sets to the enemy location and what you have to do is to to click on the fire button and your enemy will killed automatically.

Pubg mobile hack
Pubg mobile hack


Antiban : pubg mobile recently become very strict they started to ban every player who is using hack. But our hack is antiban due to which you are totally safe. This Antiban feature is used when you are using hack and your team mates and other players cant detect you this helps you to protect your account.

Pubg mobile hack
Pubg mobile hack

Fly car hack

Fly car hack : This hack is used to fly car. Here you can see in the screenshot in which I am flying my car and when I get out of the car even the car is flying. But I don’t TTE recommend you to use this hack because there is high chance to getting ban.

Pubg Mobile Hack For Latest Version 0.8.0 100% Working [Wall hack, colour hack, Aimbot, Antiban]
Pubg mobile hack

There are many more hacks which I am not showing in this article once you can download the hacks provided then you are able to use these hacks too.

How to download pubg mobile hack

To download pubg mobile hack you have to solve the captcha provided in the download link because you are using URL shortener on the download link once you solve the captcha you are able to download all the files.

Download pubg mobile hack

How to hack pubg mobile

To hack pubg mobile you have to install Game gaurdian, virtual space and bypass app. After you installed all these apps you have to open virtual space app and add game guardian and pubg mobile to it.
After this you have to open pubg mobile and login with your guest ID or fake ID and after that close all things. Then open bypass app and click on start cheat button. After this open virtual space >> game guardian then pubg mobile and then you are able to hack pubg mobile

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